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Flor De Sal d'Es Trenc Natural | 180gm

Flor de Sal which has been carefully hand harvested in the Es Trenc nature reserve on the island of Mallorca. The product is 100% natural with nothing added or removed from this pure Mediterranean salt, leaving it crunchy and slightly sweet in flavor. The crystals melt on the palate and turn any dish into a true culinary event.

We recommend you use it after cooking as a final touch, so that it displays its full qualities and intensifies the underlying flavors with its high Magnesium content.

It is presented in a small adhesively closed bag inside the outer container, together with an informative flyer about the harvest and different varieties available.


Winner of Stiftung Warentest 2013: Best Gourmet Salt.

This item comes with the Rhinoboyofficial Happiness Guarantee


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