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Founded in 2012 by Emma Wight-Boycott, EMMA NUTRITION has grown from a health blog to an online store. 

Emma is on a mission to source and provide the best quality nutrition supplements and foods for you to enjoy. With a massive emphasis on quality ingredients and manufacturing processes she researches every ingredient and brand, ensuring we only stock the best quality products.We try to avoid unnecessary excipients in our products; for example avoiding Magnesium stearate and Titanium dioxide (makes digesting tablets more difficult).Ingredients should always be in the form that is most absorbable and doesn't require extra work for the body. 

Our QSilica brand contains colloidal Silica - very small particles that are easily absorbed via the digestive tract into the bloodstream. Our Mountain Life Shilajit contains the purest most potent form of Shiljit available. And our Flor de Sal Mallorcan Salt is clean, pure and contains high levels of minerals - goodness for the body that enhances flavours naturally! 

Healthy, Ethical & Nutritious products are our speciality. All of our products are ethically sourced, vegan, cruelty free and Nutritionist-certified.   

Founding Principles:





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