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REVIEW | Simply Seedz Porridge Pots and Seed Pots

November 15, 2020

Simply Seedz porridge pots Emma nutrition review

100% Natural, Vegan, Dairy Free, High Fibre, Low Sugar Porridge Pots and Seeds

I first discovered Simply Seedz a couple of years ago now at a local National Trust fayre. Cathryn, the owner of Simply Seedz, had a stand there and we had a wonderful chat about her brand and range of products. I had one of my sons with me and she was very generous with providing him an endless supply of pumpkin seeds from her samples (he still talks about those pumpkin seeds and loves them - thanks Cathryn!).

You might be mistaken for thinking that all porridge pots are the same and are available everywhere these days but if you look closer you will find that, unfortunately, many of them contain an enormous amount of refined sugar.  

Many pots readily available on trains or planes and supermarket own label or popular brands can contain 14gm (24%) of sugar per pot compared to the highest sugar containing Simply Seedz (date and apricot) pot at 5.7gm (9.5%). Even many plain porridge pots contain 6.6gm (7%) sugar whereas the Simply Seedz plain porridge contains 0.1gm (less than 0.1%) sugar. That amount of sugar is just not necessary! It also dulls our taste buds to make us need more and more sugar to satisfy the sweet taste desire.

I really am a huge fan of Simply Seedz porridge pots which come in 5 flavours of porridge pots:

  • Plain
  • Apple and Connamon
  • Apricot and Cranberry
  • Dark chocolate and Ginger
  • Date and Apricot

They even have a porridge club you can now join and have your pots delivered on subscription. 

And don't forget those Roasted Pumpkin Seeds which come in 6 flavours and contain not only a powerhouse of flavour but are high in protein, zinc and magnesium. One 40gm pot of pumpkin seeds contains approximately 28gm of protein, 4mg of zinc and 160mg of magnesium. 



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