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| Recipe | Fat blaster drink

February 24, 2020

| Recipe | Fat blaster drink

Whether you're aim is to burn fat to look better or if it's to make yourself feel a whole lot better this fat blaster is a thirst quencher hottie and will soon become a firm favourite! Sip it throughout the day and save a glass of it as an afternoon pick me up.


Fat Blaster Drink


Cinnamon x 1tsp
Cayenne (or paprika) x 1tsp
Water or cold green tea x 500ml
Orange x 1 juiced or squeezed. I put a whole orange in the juicer as that way you also get the antioxidant flavanoids from the pith and the skin.
Ice cubes x 5

Put all ingredients in a jar and shake. Leave in the fridge until you want to drink and up to 3 days or so. I like to drink this throughout the day.

Nutritional info:

Cayenne is a thermogenic that burns fat by activating lipid cells - one study has shown that inclusion of these compounds in the diet may aid weight management while cinnamon stabilises blood sugar levels keeping them balanced and reducing cravings. Additionally it's obviously great to drink as much water as possible to keep hydrated, flush out toxins and assist metabolic processes in the body and if you use green tea you will reap extra thermogenic benefits.

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