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DIY Oat Bath Parcels for Dry Skin

July 21, 2020

DIY Oat Bath Parcels for Dry Skin

Today I've made a stash of oat bath parcels. After a week of my 1 year old having terribly bad nappy rash (that no amount of metanium could heal) I remembered Oats. Phew! I'm convinced the best thing for nappy rash is a good fashioned home remedy made of oats. He was red raw and yet after sitting in his oat bath for 30 mins or so the redness had reduced and thankfully his craziness had too - he was so beside himself in pain he was slapping me in the face, biting me and throwing things around. This behaviour was very abnormal from my sunshine bringer; the boy who smiles and laughs so much it takes us hours to get around the shops because people are stopping to simply revel in his cloud-clearing aura.

Why Oats?

Oats are known by their latin name Avena sativa. They are from the Graminacea family and grow all over the world in temperate and cooler climates especially. Taken internally Oats are thought to be one of the best herbs for anxiety and nervous conditions. However they have amazingly healing benefits for the skin externally too. Oats contain silica and other minerals that have local healing effects.

How to use Oats in the bath?

Soaked in warm or hot water and then applied to the skin, Oats have been used to heal burns and wounds, eczema and dry skin conditions. They can be placed in a little muslin cloth (I've cut up little pieces of my old ones as I don't have much use for them anymore) and tied with a piece of string or rubber band. Place them in the bath for 5 mins and squeeze the concentrated soothing lotion out of the parcel. Leave it soaking while you or the children are in the bath too. The bath will become cloudy but that is fine.

You can also use them parcel to wash off make up or to exfoliate. My skin feels amazing after 3 days of doing this although I would generally recommend exfoliating once per week.

Feel free to add a couple of lavender flowers for added relaxation properties.

1 tsbp Oats
1 square of muslin (~15cm x 15cm)
1 piece of string
Lavender or nettle (not for nappy rash)

Add the Oats to the middle of the muslin square. Pull the corners together and tie with the string. Add to a hot bath for 5 mins and squeeze the lotion out. Leave in bath. Discard or reuse the muslin but not the Oats.

Have you tried Oats for your skin?


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